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Category Name Date Type
A representative office in Belgium 18/01/2013 (PDF 256Kb)
Autumn 2011 14/11/2011
Banking activities in Belgium 29/03/2010 (PDF 134Kb)
Bilateral Social Security Treaties of Belgium 27/02/2013 (DOC 366Kb)
Branch or Subsidiary 29/10/2012 (PDF 295Kb)
Chinese 02/04/2015 (PDF 1.74Mb)
Double taxation treaties in Belgium 18/01/2013 (DOC 754Kb)
English 02/04/2015 (PDF 1.65Mb)
English Proficiency 30/09/2011 (PDF 10Kb)
Financial Grants 29/10/2012 (PDF 250Kb)
French 02/04/2015 (PDF 1.64Mb)
German 02/04/2015 (PDF 435Kb)
How to set up an NPO in Brussels 29/10/2012 (PDF 255Kb)
Human Capital 28/04/2015 (PDF 3.69Mb)
Invest in Brussels Pocket Guide (English version) 02/04/2015 (PDF 569Kb)
Invest in Brussels Pocket Guide (French Version) 02/04/2015 (PDF 2.13Mb)
Invest in Brussels Pocket Guide (German Version) 13/10/2015 (PDF 2.03Mb)
Invest in Brussels Pocket Guide (Italian Version) 02/06/2016 (PDF 2.12Mb)
Invest in Brussels Pocket Guide (Spanish Version) 13/10/2015 (PDF 670Kb)
Japanese 02/04/2015 (PDF 1.74Mb)
Notional Interest Deduction 14/04/2015 (PDF 561Kb)
Population with Tertiary Education 18/01/2013 (PDF 3Kb)
Portuguese 02/04/2015 (PDF 1.64Mb)
Prime Industrial Rents 18/01/2013 (PDF 4Kb)
Prime Office Rents 18/01/2013 (PDF 4Kb)
Professional Card 19/05/2015 (PDF 4.9Mb)
Quality of Living 18/01/2013 (PDF 3Kb)
R&D Incentives in Belgium 23/04/2015 (PDF 506Kb)
Recruitment Incentives 28/04/2015 (PDF 3.69Mb)
Spanish 02/04/2015 (PDF 1.64Mb)
Spring 2009 25/03/2010 (PDF 131Kb)
Spring 2012 05/10/2012
Steps to create a company in Brussels 29/03/2010 (PDF 145Kb)
Subjective of well-being 18/01/2013 (PDF 3Kb)
Summer 2009 16/11/2011 (PDF 506Kb)
Summer 2011 06/09/2011 (PDF 106Kb)
Summer 2012 05/10/2012
The special fiscal regime for foreign executives 26/09/2013 (DOC 374Kb)
Winter 2008 25/03/2010 (PDF 683Kb)
Winter 2010 16/11/2011 (PDF 578Kb)
Winter 2012 18/04/2012
World Competitiveness 18/01/2013 (PDF 3Kb)