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Business environment

Examine Brussels as a place to do business.

  • Tax incentives: the full range of tax incentives available to businesses in Brussels is presented. These include deductions for the cost of capital, on patent income and other research-related costs, and on capital gains. The tax advantages available to expatriate executives are also explained.
  • Financial grants: companies in the Brussels Region may be eligible for various grants covering investment, research & development or exports, as well as financial assistance to cover the cost of studies and consultancy, employment incentives or training.
  • Research & Development: this sub-section describes some of the major R&D programmes and research partners available to companies in the Brussels Region.
  • Talent pool: Belgium offers a highly educated, productive, trained and multilingual workforce thanks to one of the highest standards of education in Europe. This is illustrated with benchmarks comparing Brussels to other capital cities.
  • Competitive real estate: Brussels offers competitively priced office, industrial and warehouse space. Furthermore, assistance and infrastructure available from the Brussels Regional Development Agency (BRDA) means that it is relatively easy to establish operations in the capital.